why hydropower…

… is that important.

Hydropower is probably the most ancient form of using renewable energy sources for power generation. Already today, it provides an enormous contribution to the struggle against climate change. The ecological quality
of electricity from hydropower can be reasoned by its very low CO2 emissions and the environmental friendliness in many working areas. Electricity from hydropower is the most dependable renewable form of energy. Furthermore, it stands out because of high efficiencies
and long-term viability. Hydropower offers the possibility of being independent from fossil energy sources.

… from Austria.

Austria in particular looks back at a long standing tradition of using hydropower and therefore possesses a wide range of experts in
this field. The knowledge communicated in lectures at our universities and the fields of research reach from hydraulics over mechanical engineering to automation and electrical engineering. Additional potential can especially be found in small hydropower and revitalisation of existing power plants. Austrian hydropower expertise is known far beyond its borders. Due to its stable and liable power generation, hydropower can be a baseload supplier
for many places all over the world.

… with doro

doro stands for the production of clean electricity. We do this in ethical and environmentalfriendly manner and additionally guarantee an optimum availability. We pay attention to an integrated project development that is
ideally adapted to the individual requirements and circumstances of any project. Additionally, we create social value without overburdening fauna and flora. From the beginning of any project development, we aim to achieve close to natural conditions.

»... Zusätzliches Potenzial primär dort nutzen, wo auch ein Beitrag zu einer gewässerökologischen Verbesserung zu erwarten ist bzw. es zu keiner Verschlechterung des derzeitigen Zustandes kommt (z.B. Nutzung von Fallhöhen bei Anlagen, die bisher nicht zur Stromerzeugung verwendet wurden usw.)...«- Institut für Elektrizitätswirtschaft und Energieinnovation der TU Graz (Energiewirtschaftliche und ökonomische Bewertung potenzieller Auswirkungen der Umsetzung der EU-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie auf die Wasserkraft, 2005)

The vision of doro

doro does not just consider itself as a global active technology provider, but also stands for inspiration and being a role model in all aspects of life.

Fundamental rethink!

doro emphasises that it is not always necessary to re-invent the wheel. It is definitely worth looking for existing technologies with the potential for further development. New materials or computational calculation methods enable us to use the fundamental ideas of traditional technologies for solving the problems of today.

Meaningfully implemented!

Within our production and distribution processes, we actively minimise the production of waste and pollutants. Additionally, guaranteeing health, safety and social quality plays a vital role in our R&D processes as well as in the implementation of our projects.

Energy brings prosperity!

Decentralisation, the independency from large cooperations and the optimal power supply around the clock are the main factors of our success. Through the active strengthening of the regional economic structures, doro effectively contributes to the social development worldwide.

Project realization!

doro is comitted to an interlocking and comprehensive project development, in which human, technical and economic needs are
balanced. We create a sustainable working environment, based on an open and honest communication, which is as well crucial for highly satisfied customers.

»... Innovation ist keine Garantie gegen das Scheitern, aber ohne Innovation ist das Scheitern garantiert. ...«- Stefan R. Munz (*1961)

The doro turbine

Due to the double rotation, doro is realising the operating principle of „hydrostatic pressure“ in a highly efficient way. The sophisticated kinematic interaction between its hub, blades and underbody enables the highly efficient conversion of the potential water energy. The blade movement is always flow-optimised during a full rotation, especially during immersion and removal.


The velocity vectors, as shown above, indicate the occurring flow characteristics. The absolut velocities of the water, which can be determined with the streamlines, have to be equivalent to the addition of the blade velocity and the respective relative flow. The double rotation ensures a constant relative flow that is parallel to the blades‘ surface. This is the most important aspect for reaching doros high efficiency level.

The combination of high efficiencies, which are on the level of state-of-the-art technology, and high flow rates result in a performance level that has never been achieved before using water wheels. The necessary hydraulic engineering work can, however, be minimised.

For a better imagination how such a doro turbine looks like in reality and how big it is, there are some renderings of a recent location. (The renderings show a real project in planing.)
Location data – Head: 1,5m | Flow rate: 20m³/sek | Turbine geometry– diameter: 4,5m | width: 6,5m

Lightweight design

Modern computational calculation methods offer the possibility of reducing weight and obtaining a structure with maximum stiffness and stability. Additionally, the sophisticated design facilitates easy manufacturing and assembly. This saves resources and costs.


Due to an elaborate design, maintenance points can easily be reached. Because of this, costs can be minimised in case of repair as well as scheduled servicing.

Simple integration

The functional principle of the doro turbine facilitates to abandon complicated intake and outlet structures. Furthermore, only two lateral foundations for the bearing blocks are necessary at the locally fixed riverbed. This reduces the costs for hydraulic engineering.

Advantages of doro

doro stands for latest technology developed on the basis of traditional know-how and the aim of achieving the highest efficiency while reducing costs and invasivity.


Heads below 3 metres

Efficiencies of over 90%

Output power from 20 to 500 kW

Ideal part-load characteristics

Continuity for fish and sediment

Water flow rates over 2.000 l/sec

Eine einzige doro turbine versorgt bis zu 800 Haushalte. Gegenüber konventioneller Stromerzeugung spart das 2.200 Tonnen CO2 pro Jahr. Umgerechnet entspricht das 560 Kleinwägen mit einer Fahrleistung von durchschnittlich 10.000 km pro Jahr.-

Doro the overall solution

new plants – revitalisation – existing structures

Farms & Companies

There are a lot of old unused waterwheels and water mills all around but a huge many of them are placed at farms or near companies. For the companies, they are less economically because of he low head. With doro it´s possible to use such low heads economically and also environmentally friendly.

Urban Environment

Even canals at urban environment can be used for producing energy with doro. Often there are old structures, which can be used or just got rebuilt to realize a doro project. So, the cityscape almost gets not harmed.

Existing structures

Because of the EU-WFD all the European countries commited to the EU that they will rebuild and renature all the rivers and running waters so the ecological condition gets better. With the new doro technology it is possible to realize the EU-WFD and build a hydropower plant in the same breath.

EU-Water Framework Directive (WFD)

The aim of the EU-WFD is the transnational protection of the water resources and their quality improvement. The major aspect of the directive is to preserve and restore the natural functionality of aquatic ecosystems. To put it briefly, the directive is intended to achieve a good status for water bodies. Besides the preservation, it focuses especially on the sustainable management in the future.

A good status of a water body is indicated by a largely uninfluenced ecological functionality and structure. Major aspects are the possibility for fish migration and the continuity of sediment transportation of waters. Nowadays, they are seriously affected by transverse structures which are built for energy production or regulation of flood events.

Future of Doro

doro will contribute to the renewable and social progress. We want to establish doro Turbinen GmbH as the leading technology provider for small hydropower at low head sites.

Step by step we want to make doro available all over the world to exploit a tremendous renewable energy potential that is unused today. Because of the adaptability and simplicity of our technology we can confidently face and overcome these challenges.

doro will assume a large share of responsibility to reach even the most remote areas and electrify them. Moreover, we will contribute to the social development by giving the people a technology to pursue exploitation of renewable energy sources. We will transmit know-how to these countries and support the regional value creation.

We want to be the leading technology provider for an adequate satisfaction of the requirements of EU-WFD in the future. We will raise the ecological quality of electricity produced from hydropower. Within our project development, we focus on minimizing our impact on the natural environment.

»... Eigentlich wäre das Gegreine darüber, wie teuer uns die Energiewende zu stehen kommt, recht leicht zu stoppen - wenn man sich nur einmal überlegt, wie teuer es uns zu stehen kommen würde, auf eine Energiewende zu verzichten. ...«- Jens Dirksen

Application & Procedures of Doro

doro will contribute to the renewable and social progress. We want to establish doro Turbinen GmbH as the leading technology provider for small hydropower at low head sites.


doro is ideally suited for exploitation of existing energy potentials in irrigation canals. There are thousands of steps and weirs in such canals originally intended for energy dissipation. With doro, these potential sources of energy can be used to secure regional power supply in a renewable manner.

Fulfillment of the EU-WFD

During the realisation of re-ecologisation measures, doro can be integrated in existing transverse structures and the overall project can satisfy the EU-WFD as well as facilitate its rapid realisation. doro provides these projects a purpose, which is not only ecological but also economical.


Established technologies are often too expensive for revitalising old power plants and mills with very low heads. Within its scope of application, doro is suitable for the usage of these energy potentials. Even under present circumstances economic projects can be developed.


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